Bhaya Classic Cruise

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Built in oriental style with contemporary luxury, Bhaya Cruises established new standards of luxury cruising in Vietnam when Bhaya Classic I entered service in summer 2007. Our fleet consists 04 Bhaya Classic junks. Recently, Bhaya Classic, with total 75 Cabins and Suites, offer tours of Halong Bay in junk boats which boast ultimate comfort and luxury. Bhaya Classic proudly presents the premium cruise operator in Halong Bay which guarantees greater availability for your cruises. 


Bhaya Cruises' charming and luxurious journey on the amazing Halong bay:



Bhaya Classic  - each offers 20 luxury Cabins and Suites accommodating a maximum 40 passengers.



  • 2 Accommodation Decks

  • 1 Lounge Deck with Dining Room and Bar

  • 1 Sundeck

  • 18 Deluxe Cabins

  •  2 Royal Suites

  • 1 Massage and Spa Area

  • 1 Boutique Library

  • Complimentary wifi

Cabin & Suites


Deluxe room includes 2 twin beds (Convertible into Double Bed) at 12.5 square meters with luxurious pillows and cotton border blanket.  It is furnished fully equipment as a five star hotel’s room like air-condition, mini-bar, fan, private bathroom. Each of this room has private window with panoramic view.


Royal Suite is premier room at 16.5 square meters, located on in front of cruise. It is furnished the same Deluxe room’s equipments with sofa bed and private bathtub. Each of room has private balcony with front view where guest can have a panoramic view of Halong Bay.



Halong Bay is the perfect place to experience a wide range of activities, from biking to kayaking, from swimming to squid fishing. Whichever you choose you will do so surrounded by some of the most dramatic and exciting scenery, heightening your sense of adventure.

Deck Plan

Main Deck:
09 Deluxe room
Staff area

Upper Deck:
Deluxe room
02 Suite room

Terrace Deck:


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