The Ban Gioc waterfall is the top of the world’s most impressive waterfalls in 2015

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The Ban Gioc waterfall of Vietnam is one of the world’s most beautiful and impressive waterfalls which were announced by website.

Ban Gioc waterfall

Besides Ban Gioc waterfall, some other impressive and mighty waterfalls were also enrolled such as the Victoria waterfall (Zimbabwe and Zambia), the Ventisquero waterfall (Chile), the Pearl Shoal waterfall (China),  the Sutherland waterfall (New Zealand), the Niagara waterfall (Canada), the Palouse waterfall (America), the Angel waterfall (Venezuela), the Iguazu waterfall (Brazin and Argentina), the Kaieteur waterfall (Guyana)...

The Ban Gioc waterfall is called the largest waterfall in Southest Asia and the fourth largest natural waterfall in the world located in a national border. This waterfall is situated in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province.

The road coming to the waterfall is quite sinous with beautifil bends, fresh air and peacefull country landscapes. The main water line flowing down looks like a white silk woven by fairies between the mountains. This waterfall has two parts including the main waterfall with about 100 meters wide, 70 meters high and the auxiliary waterfall which has no water in Summer.

The waterfall has the most bautiful landscapes from June to November. It is this time the scene in here looks like a picture with the yellow ripen fields.


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