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Market culture in Vietnam is still alive and well.  The hustle and bustle of Vietnam’s open markets can be summed up in one word…chaotic.


They are a very busy meeting place for locals (and foreigners) to trade, sell, and negotiate their overflowing abundance of meats, fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices.

Every large city and even the smaller towns or local area have markets where is considered as Vietnamese's main shopping place.  Much like the malls you find in North America, these markets provide the local Vietnamese population with a central place to sell fresh food, clothes and shoes, appliances, and even furniture. All of things serve Vietnamese's everyday need.

Home market

In the countryside of Vietnam, each commune or a few adjacent villages have a market. Market’s name was called following the name of village where it is located. There are two kinds of home market: “Phien” market (only open on fixed day in week or month) and “Hom” market (open everyday). However, many markets recently choose Sunday as the main market session because this day offen have many people. In addition to having local products such as fruit, oil, salt, vegetable, shrimp, fish, egg..., in the market, there are many industrial or expensive goods.

Highland market

The upland is usually inhabited by the ethnic minorities. In here, besides goods trading purposes, market session is also a special cultural festival. Shoppers who wear the most beautiful clothes must climb the hill or wade across the stream all day, sometimes for days. They came to the market from the night before to play a wind instrument, flute or singing and dancing, even overnight. The adults meet old friends, while boys and girls talk with and make friends each other.

Floating market

Floating market is one of the unique living features of the Mekong Delta. The market usually is held on the river between a vast stretch of water with hundreds of boats, canoes of Southwest people who gather to do business. The market usually opens all day but the busiest time is in the morning. At this time, any boat also contains the full of agricultural goods and seasonal fruits such as rambutan, mango, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, mangosteen, durian... or regional specialties such as fish, turtle, snake, crab, shrimp, bird... In here, the sale or even drinking or eating service takes place on the boat.

Some large floading markets of the West are Phung Hiep, Phong Dien, Cai Rang, Cai Be floading market. Most of agricultural goods and fruits are sold whosale for merchants and from there; they are transferred to food processing factory or the market in Hanoi and Northen provinces.

Besides many kinds of market above, there is also the market called “Hoa xuan” market (The flower market on Tet holiday)

The flower market on Tet holiday is specific activity creating a fun and bustling atmosphere on traditional Tet holiday. This kind of market often takes place on the last day of the old year when all of families finished shooping, preparing to welcome to spring.

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