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The best and the most effective way to kill your time on a long haul flight is to sleep. However, it is usually very difficult to have a sleep of just on a long haul flight.


So here are six things to consider in order to maximise the chances of getting some shut-eye:

1. Clothing

Get dressed for the occasion. Layers of comfortable, loose clothes is perfect. Tight clothes will make you uncomfortable during the long flight. Learn a little about the climate where you come to get the right combination of clothes.

2. Seating

Get yourself a window seat so you can shut your eyes and have something to lean on. Because you may not only avoid the noisy but also feel airy space.

3. Relaxation

Seating nearly the window to enjoy panoramic view outside and having a cup of herbal remedy available that make you drowsy and promote a much more satisfying sleep.

4. Noise

Bring an MP3 player or smart phone with headphones so that you can listen to your favourite music to relax and to block out unwanted noise.

5. Food

Drink lots of water in the flight. Furthermore, warm milk is not also a bed choice. And to have a deep sleep, you should prepare some snacks.

6. Pillow

Invest in a good pillow. Because a standard doughnut pillows will help you have a good night’s sleep. Unless dropping off on an stranger’s shoulder may get you into trouble.



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