Our Philosophy

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Our philosophy


In Tien Phong Travel, customers are the center of all business activities.


With our enthusiasm and passion for our country, its people and wonderful nature we commit ourselves to providing you with unique and unforgettable experiences.


The complete satisfaction of our clients is our ultimate goal; we want you and your clients to be more than simply satisfied with our service - value for money and monitored quality of the services we offer are part of this.


 Our solid collaboration with a system of suppliers that provides transportation, hotel, restaurant services along with a team of experienced and energetic tour operators and guides graduated from University of Foreign Trade, University of Culture, Open University and trained through VITOS classes of EU for tourism allows us to cover all segments of travel needs. We’ll give you best travel advisories to make sure you not only you enjoy every moment of your vacation from the first day to the last but also save your time and money. 


We believe the only way to provide perfect customer service is by listening to our clients, understanding their motives and using our experiences to implement them.


Business development in harmony with public interest


Trip Asean appreciates the sense of corporate responsibility to the community and environment. We believe that in order to develop and obtain sustainable profitability in tourism, environment protection is key factor. We want to accompany our customers to raise environmental awareness, notably on garbage pollution, a widespread and growing problem in Vietnam


Regard our team members as our most valuable asset

The commitment and dedication of our team members decides the quality of works, products and services. Trip Asean focus on investing in their personal development through external and internal training and ensuring secure employment through a responsible and forward-looking management. We value expenses such as salary, bonus, professional training for employees is to invest in fixed assets. We give them the most favorable conditions of works and freedom to do the things they love. Therefore, they are always willing to share their knowledge and passion with our customers.


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